Mar del Plata

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Mar del Plata is on the southwest cost of the Argentinian sea. It is the second most touristic city in the country after Buenos Aires. You can go to Mar del Plata by plane, by bus, by train or by car. It is 400 km from Buenos Aires approximately. You can take route 2 if you are driving, but you must pay toll.
There are magnificent beaches, wide bays and wonderful cliffs, which alternate in 47 km of coast line. At night you can go to the theatre and then choose a good restaurant. If you want to dance, the city has several discotheques in the 'Playa Grande' area.
During the day, you can walk along the coast and you can walk to the fort too. Walking and going shopping on Güemes street during the night is nice too. You can walk around the famous neighborhood called “Los Troncos” as well. You can spend the day in Sierra de los Padres and, of course, you can enjoy the beach!
In the summer months, December through March, the beaches are crowded with Porteños on holiday. Outside the summer months, the city is much less crowded. However there are 700,000 residents who live there year round. It is a very large city with lots to do, and not only in summer months.


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