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Andreas Routsias
Milies, Vizitza, Pinakates (Greek: Μηλιές, Βυζίτσα, Πινακάτες) are villages in municipality of South Pelion on Mount Pelion in Greece. Since these villages are close to each other, they are considered as a single travel destination. As a tourist destination belongs to Northwest Pelion. It is a traditional Greek mountain village, at a height of 400 m. It is 28 km from Volos, the capital city of the prefecture of Magnesia. Milies is connected with the GR-34A (Volos - Promiri) It has traditional stone houses, cobbled roads, good restaurants and accommodation in abundance. Milies is also notable for being the terminus of the narrow gauge (60 cm) Pelion Railway, built by the Italian engineer, Evaristo de Chirico, (father of the famous painter) between 1895 and 1903. This proved to be of considerable economic advantage to the region. The village commands striking views across the Pagasitikos Gulf and benefits from the many streams and water sources that Mount Pelion is renowned for. These result in rich vegetation and cool, forested mountain slopes.

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