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Modi'in (Hebrew: מודיעין) is a relatively new Israeli city located in the Shfela, half way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. There are some archaeological sites in the city as well as popular tourist attractions nearby.
Historically, the city is where the Maccabean revolt broke out, commemorated by the Chanukah holiday. The modern city was established as a planned city in 1997, and by now there are approximately 70,000 residents. Eventually the city may have up to 250,000 residents, as well as significant commerce and industry (for now, it is mostly a commuter suburb).
South of Modi'in is Latrun, a monastery and British Mandate police station, which was made famous in 1948 when its location controlled the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. With Jewish Jerusalem under siege, Jewish forces launched three unsuccessful attacks on Latrun in an attempt to open the road. In the end, Latrun remained under Jordanian control until 1967 (it's the finger of the West Bank that pokes into Israel), while the siege was broken by carving an entirely new road through the mountains south of Latrun.

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