Mont Blanc

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Nicolas Sanchez
Mont Blanc (i.e. "White Mountain", Italian: Monte Bianco) is the highest summit of Western Europe, on the border between France and Italy. The mountain is usually accessed from Chamonix in France but can be approached from Courmayeur in Italy: see those pages for amenities and activities around the Mont Blanc massif. This page is specifically about the ascent to the summit.
The rock is 4792 m high, but this is overlain by a thick cap of snow and ice that grows or shrinks slightly according to climate. The summit was measured at 4808.72 m (15,777 ft) in Sept 2017 - these measurements are repeated every two years, and have altered very little since the first accurate measurement of 1883. Mont Blanc is not the highest mountain in Europe as several peaks in the Russian / Georgian Caucasus are higher, culminating in Elbrus at 5642 m.


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