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Morondava is a town on the coast of Western Madagascar.
Morondava is a coastal town in the West of Madagascar, connected to the capital by regular plane service run by Air Madagascar. It is an ideal place for a relaxing stay, especially compared to the capital, since it is less crowded and (so far) devoid of beggars. It is also cheaper. The beaches are good and extend far to the north side of town. Morondava can also be used a base for trips to the fishing village of Belo sur Mer (by pirogue (small boat)) or to the wildlife park at Kirindy (via 4x4 since the roads are quite poor).
The dry season is the best time to visit as daytime temperatures are about 27°C and nighttime around 14-15°C while the water is still as warm as the Mediterranean in summer (about 24°C). The downside is that the town is very dry and dusty with blowing sand a problem - but it is still less dirty than other towns. In the summer rainy season it is hot and sticky, and there is quite a lot of mud around (although again less so than other towns.)

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