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Naantali (Swedish: Nådendal, Latin: Vallis Gratiæ) is a town near Turku in Western Finland. It is a popular tourist destination in the summer. The municipality now includes much of the northern Archipelago Sea (former municipalities Merimasku, Rymättylä and Velkua).
Naantali originated as a Bridgettine convent 1443. After the Lutheran reformation, the convent was laid down and the town had a hard time. The church was repaired by Per Brahe in 1660. In the mid-18th century, the town got a customs chamber and new vitality. In the late 19th century Naantali became a spa resort.
Naantali has a busy freight port and heavy industry, but you have to stray away quite a bit from the tourist areas to notice that.
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