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Negros is a large island that is part of the Visayas, the island group comprising the central division of the Philippines. The Visayas are roughly the central third of the Philippines, so this region is approximately in the center of the whole country.
The island-region is known for being the main producer of sugar and organic products in the nation, and is home to many beaches and some nature reserves, as well as the tallest peak of the Visayas, the semi-active Kanlaon Volcano. In some cities and towns, especially in Bacolod and to the cities north of it, are several historic landmarks, such as ancestral houses once owned by prominent native families. In the south of the island is Dumaguete, a hip university city that attracts both locals and foreigners alike. Negros is also famous for its several native cultural events, the most popular being the MassKara Festival, which is annually celebrated every October. Negros is also known as one of the top culinary destinations of the Philippines because of its regional cuisine, which is famous for delectable desserts and delicacies and various other dishes.




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