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Nimbin is a village in northern New South Wales, 30 km from Lismore and an hour's drive from Byron Bay.
Nimbin is a centre of alternative lifestyle and culture and is a Sister City to Woodstock, USA. The Aquarius Festival of 1973 revived a dying dairying village first settled by Europeans in 1840s. The new settlers of the 1970s, called Hippies, set up environmentally friendly businesses, cottage arts and crafts and introduced alternative living, including communes. Communes were founded and granted their own title in law, Multiple Occupancy, which was a first in New South Wales. The village is very much open for tourism, especially eco-tourism, and has some shops and cafes that play off the alternative, hippie image.
After visiting the village, though, you may think that it is more about selling marijuana, than exploring alternative lifestyles. You are unlikely to get hassled much though. If you look like you might be in the market, you will get an offer, and if you refuse, you will politely be left alone.

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