Northern Louisiana

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North Louisiana, also known as the "Sportsman's Paradise" region, comprises the portion of Louisiana north of Sabine, Natchitoches, Grant, LaSalle, Catahoula, and Concordia Parishes. Bordered by Texas to west, Arkansas to the north, and Mississippi to the east, this region of Louisiana has a far more rural feel to it than the Acadiana region or southeastern Louisiana.
With the exception of Shreveport, Bossier City, Ruston, and Monroe, towns are much smaller in this portion of the state and spread further apart. Towns have fewer amenities and local residents will often drive to Shreveport, Monroe, or Alexandria in central Louisiana for "big city" amenities.
This area of Louisiana has become more renowned in recent times due to the popularity of the television show "Duck Dynasty," in addition to movies that often use towns in north Louisiana as a backdrop. Another claim to fame for this region is the Air Force base around Bossier City and its status as a backup landing location for the President's jet, Air Force One.

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