Northern Netherlands

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Obscure among foreigners, the Northern Netherlands can be a pleasant surprise. This sparsely inhabited region is home to some stunning historic fortifications, lovely cities, great museums and excellent water sports opportunities. Its nature varies from vast heathlands to beautiful lake areas.
As soon as winter shows its face, the odd chance of the "eleven-city-tour", a major ice-skating event passing 11 pretty towns in Friesland and last held in 1997, becomes the talk of the day in all of the country. Although nature rarely allows for the tour to be held, it seems to have become part of the Dutch identity. Small chance you'll find yourself caught in the middle of that massive event (estimations state that, would the tour be held, it would become the biggest single event in the history of the country), but the region is a lovely destination even in high summer.
Most of the Northern Netherlands consists of a flat polder landscape, with the exception of Drenthe which lies on a plateau and consists of heathlands.



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