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Not to be confused with North Paravur, which is approximately 175 km to the north.
Paravur is in Quilon/Kollam district, Kerala, Southern Travancore, India. It is a municipal town connected to Trivandrum and Quilon by trains and bus.The population is around 50000. Famous for calm, clean back waters and coir related small scale industries. The place is also connected via waterway with the other major towns in Kerala. Paravur was once a major commerce hub that has withered after the waterways lost importance. It has a forgotten look about it in places.
The place is serene. Get a bike, wander around, hit the mile long seafront and walk up to the lagoon. The beach is sandwiched between the lake and the sea. So you can walk around in the lake, it's about a foot deep and has clear white sand.

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