Port Barton

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Port Barton is a small coastal village in Palawan, Philippines.
Most tourists, who have visited Port Barton, consider it to be one of the highlights of their Philippines trip. Port Barton and its accompanying pristine islands, easily rank as one of their top five favorite destinations in the Philippines.
Port Barton attracts mostly non-luxury seeking, status anxiety free vacationers. It is a popular choice for budget backpackers and other adventurous international travellers, who appreciate and enjoy the remote, rural, relaxed, friendly atmosphere and natural beauty that this quiet and peaceful beachside village, on the edge of the rainforest, has to offer.
Port Barton is not as popular or progressively developed as Boracay or Puerto Galera. Therefore, it does not attract busloads of domestic tourists. Also, due to its remote location (a blessing in disguise perhaps) Port Barton does not suffer from hordes of photo snapping, day trippers, as does the more accessible, touristic Sabang, or the more promoted and air ported El Nido.
Port Barton is still, so far, largely unspoiled, pleasantly unsophisticated and slightly primitive, and that’s exactly what seems to make it an attractive destination.
Electricity is now available 24-7. However, there are no banks, but ATM is available now in Acosta residence beside white hauz inn, hospitals, doctors or five-star hotels, and Internet access is limited.

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