Prespa (North Macedonia)

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Prespa (Macedonian: Преспа) is a region surrounding the Great Prespa Lake and Small Prespa Lake. This international region is shared by Albania, Greece, and North Macedonia, which contains a majority of the Great Prespa Lake. North Macedonia's share of the region is completely within Resen Municipality, bound by Galičica National Park to the west, Pelister National Park to the east, the borders with Albania and Greece to the south, and northern parts of Resen Municipality to the north.
Prespa is a popular domestic vacation spot for Macedonians and even receives many foreign tourists. Prespa is home to some of the best beaches in this landlocked country. It is surrounded by two national parks containing spectacular mountainous terrain, making the area a major destination for recreation and wildlife viewing. The area is also home to some of the most charming villages in Macedonia, with the combined beauty of the natural scenery and the traditional village architecture.


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