Puget Sound

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Puget Sound is an estuary, a semi-enclosed body of water in which salt water from the nearby Pacific Ocean mixes with fresh water runoff from the surrounding watershed in western Washington, it is a sheltered arm of ocean between Seattle and the mainland of Washington State to the east and the Olympic Peninsula to the west. The southern boundary is marked by where the mainland and the Olympic Peninsula meet, near Olympia. The northern boundary is marked by Admiralty Pass and the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. It is the second largest estuary in the United States, Puget Sound has 3,790 km of shoreline and the Puget Sound watershed covers nearly 42,800 km² and consists of over ten thousand rivers and streams that drain into the Sound.
The Puget Sound Region consists of Puget Sound itself, the islands of Puget Sound, the Kitsap Peninsula, plus the mainland counties which form both the western and eastern sides of Puget Sound leading up to the edges of the watershed in the high crests of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. Counties with this area include: Island, Snohomish, Kitsap, King, Pierce, and Thurston
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