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Rüdesheim am Rhein (also spelled Rudesheim, Ruedesheim) is a city in the Rheingau in Hesse, Germany, at the southern end of the Rhine Valley, across the river from Bingen. The town incorporates the village of Assmannshausen, also on the Rhine but on the other side of a bend in the river, and is also known as Rüdesheim am Rhein to distinguish it from the smaller nearby town of Rüdesheim an der Nahe.
The actual Rüdesheim is a small picturesque place at the Rhine, one very typical example of Rheinromantik that attracts a lot of tourists from Europe, North America and Asia. Uphill (go by car or ropeway) who will find the Niederwald monument and its surroundings. The monument is one of a select group of national monuments in Germany and a major attraction by itself. At the location you have a tremendous view over the Rhine, Rüdesheim and Bingen. You can combine the visit with a walk in the forest that includes an animal park and other smaller places to see.

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