Rocky Mountaineer

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The Rocky Mountaineer tourist train is a privately-owned rail service through the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Its original main routes were Vancouver-Banff-Calgary and Vancouver-Jasper. A third route between Whistler and Jasper was added in 2006. On these routes, each trip is two days long with an overnight stay at a hotel en route because the Rocky Mountaineer does not travel at night.
Additional routes have been added over the years, including circle tours and connections to Seattle.
As a tourist train, Rocky Mountaineer tends to be more expensive than federally-owned VIA Rail on routes (such as Vancouver-Jasper) where both services are available. This is unfortunate, as cutbacks to VIA service have left this private, seasonal tourist train (and the limited, $8000/person Royal Canadian Pacific tourist train) as the only intercity passenger rail providers to Calgary, one of the five largest cities in Canada.


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