São Paulo/South Central

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South Central is a region of São Paulo. It is the wealthiest region of the city on average, although it does contain some poorer areas, especially in the extreme south.
The region contains residential, commercial and a few industrial areas. Its residential areas are highly verticalized, and nowadays contain some of the most expensive places to live in the city. The region's main landmark and attraction is Parque do Ibirapuera, one of the largest and most important areas of green, leisure and culture of the city. The region also contains the gigantic Morumbi Shopping-Shopping Market Place commercial center, an indoor commercial center with more than 600 shops and dozens of restaurants, one of the favorite places of high-income consumers in the city.
The South Central region is composed of 7 districts, grouped in 3 subprefectures:
Note: Avenida Paulista is partly in the South Central region. For places on this avenue and up to 4 blocks from it, check the São Paulo/Paulista section.


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