Saint Petersburg/North

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The Northern Part of St. Petersburg is the area north of the Bolshaya Nevka river, which is its boundary with the Petrograd Side to the south. There are some moderately notable landmarks scattered across it, such as the Academy of Forestry with its park, Military Medical Acedemy, Polytechnical University and Buddhist Datsan, particularly in the quarters closer to the central boroughs, but otherwise there is little to see here. It is mostly an urban commuter area of monotonous and often ugly Soviet-era apartment blocks.
The area closer to the Center, bordered by Neva and Bolshaya Nevka, extending approximately to Chyornaya Rechka and Kushelevka stations in the north, and somewhat into Polyustrovo in the north-east, is a historical region of Saint-Petersburg and still known as "Vyborg side" (Выборгская сторона). That is where most sights of Petersburg's North are concentrated. Toward southeast connected with the very little visited Right Bank area. - Official administrative divisions of Saint Petersburg/North are the Kurortny District (Курортный) what is on far Northwest and connected to east with the Vyborgsky District (Выборгский район) and toward Southeast with the Primorsky District (Приморский район). More to the East is the Kalininsky District (Калининский район). And the easternmost part of this area is Krasnogvardeysky District (Красногвардейский район).

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