Sea to Sea (Yam el Yam)

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Sea to Sea (Hebrew ים אל ים) is a hiking trail in Israel, running from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. It's usually a three- or four-day trip, and a pleasant way to experience the Upper Galilee.
It is essential to have the Israel Hiking Map Number 2. The Israel Hiking Maps are scaled 1:50000 and are very accurate. The trails are marked corresponding to the colors on the map. You can buy one at any camping store for around 100 shekels. For free, about the same information is contained in the "Israel Hiking Map" layer of the OruxMaps smartphone app. But you shouldn't rely just on this, in case your battery runs out.
The trek can be done almost any time of the year except for winter and the peak of summer. The best time is Spring. Be aware of the timing of holidays. During Passover this trek is very popular, especially for Israel's many youth movements.
Watch weather in the area a week prior to starting. Much of the trail passes along river beds that are normally dry or muddy, unless it has rained heavily recently, in which case they are not traversable.
One usually travels from west to east.
Water is not an issue; there is water at the end of every day and sometimes during the day at parks or campsites. Carry enough water for a day. Do not drink out of the rivers or springs because they could be polluted. Bring enough food for the whole trek, although it is possible to purchase some if you choose to hike through any of the towns located along, or not far off, the trail.
==Get in==
You can start on the Mediterranean side by one of two popular options.
The first option starts from the shore at Akhziv, six km north of Nahariyya on Route 4. From here you follow Nahal Kaziv. You can reach Akhziv by bus or taxi from Nahariyya.
The second option is to start the trek 20 km east and take a taxi or bus from Nahariyya to start somewhere on Nahal Kaziv. A good place is Goren where there is a picnic area. This second option allows for a shorter trip.