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Seoul South Korea location map.svg
Yongsan (용산) is in Seoul's geographic center, sandwiched between Seoul's two major cultural and economic centers, Gangnam and Jongno/Jung. The main area of interest here for travelers is Itaewon, the most international and foreigner-friendly neighborhood in Seoul, and one of the only places where you can find authentic Mexican, Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Indian food on the entire peninsula. It has Korea's largest mosque, markets hawking souvenirs and cheap t-shirts, Turkish ice cream parlors, and a nightlife scene dominated by foreigners. This may be partly due to the presence of the nearby US military base, which is also in Yongsan. Other attractions include the National Museum of Korea, the War Memorial Museum, and the Yongsan Electronics Market, a huge building selling gadgets at a steep discount.
For the time being, Yongsan is relatively quiet compared to its northern and southern neighbors, with many one- and two-story houses covering rolling hills and the southern side of Namsan. However, things may soon change: the U.S. military base is moving to a different location, and talks are underway to develop a natural park around the area.

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