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Shandong (山东; Shāndōng) is a province in China. Also referred to as Chiloo (齐鲁, Qilu), The Giant State (Shandong people are known to be the tallest in the country), and the hometown of Confucius.
The name means east of the mountains. Shandong is a coastal province situated by the Bohai Sea to the north and the Yellow Sea to the south. The Yellow River runs through the province.
Main attractions are Qufu (the birthplace of Confucius), Mount Tai (holy mountain in Chinese belief, the most climbed mountain in China), Qingdao (nice port city with beaches and German buildings) and Yantai (holiday city with lots of European buildings). The capital, Jinan (a city of springs where water and willows are famous), is renowned for its artesian springs and serves as a transport hub for the region.


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