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Jing'an (静安区 Jìng'ān Qū) is a district in downtown Shanghai. It is named after the historic Jing'an Temple, and its transport hub is the Jing'an Temple metro station. Other than a few temples and Chairman Mao's former house, there are few sights in Jing'an but if you are looking for shopping and eating or want to admire skyscrapers, then this is a prime area.
Nanjing Road West runs right past the temple; the whole area is heavily developed with mainly commercial and office buildings along Nanjing Road, including a large shopping center above the metro station, and several others nearby. The side streets have a higher proportion of residential buildings, but many of those have shops or restaurants on the ground floor. Hotels on Nanjing Road are expensive but the side streets, especially north of the temple, have some in more moderate price ranges.
Walking east from the temple leads through much high-end shopping and into Huangpu District, to People's Square, more shopping on Nanjing Road East, and eventually to the Bund. Total distance is 4.5 km (a bit under 3 miles) and, at least in good weather, this is a pleasant walk with lots to see and plenty of places to stop for food or drink.
In the Shanghai administrative system, Jing'an District now includes Zhabei to the north, but we still treat them separately on Wikivoyage.

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