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Wael Mohammed Al-Masri
Sharjah(Arabic: الشارقة) is the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of Sharjah emirate. Sharjah is known for its Arabic and Islamic architecture as well as its libraries, Islamic museums, and cultural centers. The city is known as the cultural and literature hub of the United Arab Emirates. The city is rooted in its Arabic and Islamic heritage with many Ummayyad and Abbasid-styled buildings and offers a glimpse of Arabic and Islamic environment in an otherwise largely westernized country. It is a major hub for family friendly environment and activities and has a more conservative atmosphere. The city has many green parks, apartment complexes, and a large community of Arabs from all the Arab world making the city an effective cultural meeting point for many different communities of Arabs.
In contrast to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sharjah offers visitors a vastly larger view into Arabic and Islamic art, literature, and architecture. Its a usual destination for visitors who are looking for a cultural and a more local experience of Arabia and Islamic atmosphere compared to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
"Smile you're in Sharjah!"
A common slogan used around the city to describe the family friendly atmosphere of the city. The word Sharq (short form of Mashriq) means east in Arabic. Sharjah is east of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, thus its name. Its classical Arabic form is "Al Shareqah".



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