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Shemshak is a village in Iran with a popular ski resort. It is north-east of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range.
Shemshak is the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin and came into operation in 1958. It includes two ski lifts, three dish teleskis and two Hammer teleskis. The slopes lie at an altitude of 2550 m to 3050 m above sea level. The resort includes two main slopes each with a chair lift that apex at the top and several lifts. There are also lighting facilities for night skiing.
Shemshak has catered to more advanced skiers while Dizin has drawn beginner and intermediate skiers. The slopes are quite steep and many of the runs are mogul runs.
Shemshak is about 55 minutes drive from Tehran, 10 km from middle-slope parking of Dizin, and 5 km from Darband-Sar ski resort.

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