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Harout Arabian

Skiathos (Greek: Σκιάθος, Skiáthos) (population: 6,088 ) is the entry point and main island of the Sporades Islands. Although it is neither the biggest nor the most attractive of the Sporades islands, because it is the first port of call for most ferries and possesses the sole airport, most tourists don't venture beyond Skiathos. For most, why would they want to? There are great beaches, good accommodation on offer, and decent public transport. In season, the 5000 or so natives are vastly outnumbered by tourists from around the world!
While it is undoubtedly the most tourist-intensive island of the Sporades, it does have many faces, so don’t be fooled by the brash cover to this book full of splendid Greek secrets. Steer away from the main drag and you will find stunning scenery, quaint tavernas and lots of luscious green terrain perfect for gentle strolls or more intensive hikes.
There is one town on Skiathos which is literally called "The Village" by the locals, or Skiathos town. It is located on the east end of the island with the airport, port, a variety of shops and water fronts, bars and clubs.

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