St. Marys (Pennsylvania)

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Dougtone (Doug Kerr)
St. Marys is a city in Elk County, Pennsylvania, part of the Pennsylvania Wilds.
Sitting near the center of the Pennsylvania Wilds region, St. Marys provides a great jumping-off point for visits to the area's parks, forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains.
The Octagon
Before leaving the Philadelphia area, the Bavarian settlers who intended to settle in St. Marys had a detailed city plan drawn up. The plan's main feature was a set of eight main avenues that formed an octagon, about 0.75 miles (1.2 km) on a side. Upon arrival at the planned location, they discovered Elk Creek meandering through the area, not to mention hills and valleys that prohibited construction of the octagon.
Today, a vestige of the original plan can still be found, in the form of Joseph Road, Michael Street, St. Marys Street, and Theresia Road, which together do form a rough approximation of half an octagon. It's the 135-degree intersection of Michael and St. Marys that forms the Diamond, the modern-day center of downtown.


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