St. Michaels

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St. Michaels is in Maryland, a state in the United States of America.
St. Michaels is a collage of churches, manicured colonial, federal and Victorian homes, historic heritage, diverse artistic talents, and pleasant southern culture. It is also the proud cradle and repository of the Chesapeake's maritime history.
It's a town in constant contrast, from horse-and-buggy, steamboats, watermen's deadrises, century-old log canoes and ancient buggies to ATM's, the Internet, luxury Town Cars and fancy cabin cruisers.
It's a shopping mecca with a wide array of fashionable clothing, antique and artisan shops aimed at ardent collectors. It's a galaxy of specialty food shops (including candy and ice cream) and superb nationally-renowned restaurants destined to delight even the most demanding gourmet. Of course, succulent Chesapeake seafood, fresh from the harbors, is the regional specialty.


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