Tumbuka phrasebook

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Tumbuka (chiTumbuka) is a Bantu language which is spoken in parts of Northern Malawi, Eastern Zambia, and South-Western Tanzania.
The language of the Tumbuka is called chiTumbuka - the 'chi' in front of Tumbuka meaning 'the language of', similar to 'ki' in kiSwahili or 'se' in seTswana.
The World Almanac (1998) estimates approximately 2,000,000 Tumbuka speakers exist in the aforementioned three countries.
There are substantial differences between the form of Tumbuka spoken in urban areas (which borrows some words from Chichewa/Nyanja) and the "village" or "deep" Tumbuka spoken in villages. Furthermore there are many alternative spellings in written Tumbuka, and no standard orthography. The Rumphi variant is often regarded as the most "linguistically pure", and is sometimes called "real Tumbuka".