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The (Groninger) Veenkoloniën (Dutch for Peat Colonies (of Groningen city)) or Peat District is a region in the southeast of the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. The region used to be uncultivated land, but starting in the 16th and 17th centuries the city of Groningen started to colonise more and more of the area for the extraction of peat, to be used as fuel. The earliest 'peat colonies' were near to the city, such as Hoogezand and Sappemeer in Midden-Groningen. Later, also the bogs further away from the city, to the southeast, were exploited. This is seen as the heart of the Veenkoloniën region, and includes the municipalities of Veendam, Pekela, and Stadskanaal. Talks are ongoing on a possible merger of these municipalities.
Stadskanaal is sometimes also considered to be part of the region of Westerwolde to the east.


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