Voyaging along the Amazon River

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This itinerary details travelling downstream on the Amazon from Iquitos via Tabatinga, Manaus, Santarém, Santana/Macapá to Belem. This article does not point out sights along the river as for most people the journey itself is the main attraction. For sights along this trip, check out the pages specific to locations mentioned.
Jan Ludewig
Jan Ludewig

If you are traveling upstream most of this information still applies to you but you'll have to nearly double the price and duration. You'll have to check the departure dates and times (please update this page with them too!).
The full trip will take roughly 8 days downstream and 14 days upstream, though adding at least 2 or 3 days buffer is recommended to allow for delays and missed connections. You can also cut the journey short by starting somewhere in between or by doing some legs by plane. See the Get In-section for details. Another way to save some time is to do parts by speed boat, though be aware that seating is like in an airplane's cattle class.
Furthermore, travel time depends on the season of the year. In rainy season, boats can go pretty fast, while in dry season, they sometimes lose a few hours because they have to reverse until they find a passage where water is deep enough. Last but not least, travel time also depends on the itinerary of the boat. If a boat stops in lots of small settlements you might have to watch the crew get a cow on board which is to be sold in the next large city - this endeavor can take any time from 10 minutes to 5 hours.
Understand that you cannot plan the trip in detail: For ease of mind, accept that you can only go step by step and that, in worst case, you'll be stuck in a place for 2 or 3 days until the next boat leaves to your next destination.



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