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Wellfleet is in Massachusetts on Cape Cod and includes the village of South Wellfleet. Its name is believed to be derived from "whale fleet". A quaint rural feel exists to Wellfleet. Over 60% of the land area is protected by the Cape Cod National Seashore, which has its headquarters here, and also by the 1,100 acre (4.45 km²) Massachusetts Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary. Wellfleet is blessed with a number of spring-fed freshwater "kettle ponds" that resulted from glacier activity. Its beautiful, working harbor is near the town center, making for a delightful walk in a nautical atmosphere complete with good dining, shopping and photographic opportunities. Gone are the days of a great whaling and fishing fleet, but Wellfleet retains its reputation for great tasting shellfish, particularly "Wellfleet Oysters".

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