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Westerwolde is a region in the southeast of in Groningen province in the Netherlands. The region consists of the municipalities of Vlagtwedde and Bellingwedde, that plan to merge and become the municipality of Westerwolde in 2018. Westerwolde is a rural area with about 30 villages and hamlets. The largest village in the region is Ter Apel (population 6,000), with the other main villages being Vlagtwedde, Sellingen, Bellingwolde and Blijham. A small, but touristic village is Bourtange, which consists of a star-shaped fort.
In some definitions, the municipality of Stadskanaal is also part of Westerwolde. However, Stadskanaal is also part of the Veenkoloniën (Peat District), and described in that article.


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