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Yamalia (Russian: Яма́ло-Нене́цкий автоно́мный о́круг yuh-MAH-luh nee-NYEHT-skee uhf-tah-NOHM-nee OH-krook) is the northernmost region in Russia's Urals Region and is home to Russia's most important natural gas deposits as well as large West Siberian oilfields. Located in the middle of Russia's Arctic Ocean coast, Yamalia is about as remote a destination as one could possibly choose and is rarely visited by anyone except those on oil and gas business.
The region borders the Arctic Ocean in the northwest and north (this part of Yamalia is split into two by the Gulf of Ob), Taymyria to the northeast, the Krasnoyarsk region to the east, Khantia-Mansia to the south, and Komi Republic and Nenetsia to the west.


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