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Zaragoza is the capital and largest city of Aragon in Spain, and one of Spain's five largest cities, but it is one of the least known outside of Spain. Founded on the river Ebro in times of the Roman Empire as Cesaraugusta, Zaragoza now holds a large cultural and architectural heritage attesting to 2,000 years of affluence and importance. The city is most known for its Basilica del Pilar, built to venerate the apparition of Virgin Mary to Saint James in earliest Christian times, which became a major cultural identity fixture of Christian Spain. The city was again put on a global map by the 2008 Expo, which left it with a whole new modern part developed further for various purposes after the exhibition closed.
Strategically located between Madrid and Barcelona on a high-speed railway line, Zaragoza enjoys relative economic affluence yet, due to its low profile, remains often overlooked by tourists and thus prices, such as for accommodation, remain much lower than in either of Spain's most famous cities. Therefore, it makes for a great stop along your way, or even a destination in its own right.


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