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Bohemia is the largest part of the Czech Republic and is sometimes used pars pro toto for the entire country.
On Wikivoyage, The Bohemian part of the Czech Republic is covered in the following regions:
Central Bohemia (Central Bohemia Region and capital city of Prague)
The central part of the Czech Republic with the capital Prague.
West Bohemia (Karlovy Vary Region and Pilsen Region)
Famous for Pilsen beer and spa towns.
North Bohemia (Usti nad Labem Region and Liberec Region)
Fascinating landscapes as well as picturesque castles and chateaux.
East Bohemia (Hradec Králové Region and Pardubice Region)
Region with the Czech highest mountain range Krkonoše and couple of historic sights.
South Bohemia (South Bohemia Region)
Picturesque historic towns (including two UNESCO sights) in peaceful landscape with many ponds. On the border with Germany is located the largest national park in the Czech Republic.

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