Central Europe

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Central Europe is one of Europe's most beautiful regions. Long divided by the ambitions of warring empires and then Cold War tensions, this region has been deeply influenced by the Holy Roman Empire, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and German hegemony throughout history. While the scars of the Cold War are still visible in the eastern parts of this region, it is slowly but surely shedding its erstwhile negative reputation and cannot be called a "forgotten" corner of Europe any more. With the exception of tiny Liechtenstein and staunchly neutral Switzerland all countries in the area are now EU members and participate in the process of European unification and thus traveling is a breeze. Where just three decades ago barbed wire and walls and unfriendly border agents would hinder free movement, today frequent rail and bus connections, cheap flights and excellent roads make getting around easier than ever before. But before you plan your "Central Europe in two weeks" trip, do consider the many small towns and beautiful unspoiled nature reserves that would fall by the wayside were you to concentrate on the many top highlights.



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