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mark gallagher

Colorado is a state of wild contrasts. From the flat plains of the eastern portion of the state to some of the Rocky Mountains' highest peaks to the high desert and red rock country of the western reaches of the state, the landscape is incredibly varied, home to many diverse ecosystems and natural marvels, and supports a thriving hunting and outdoors culture that draws people from around the world.
And yet, the contrasts in the natural landscape are nothing compared to the political and social contrasts you will find here. Like much of the rest of the American West, Colorado is a traditionally rural state with a frontier heritage and a very pro-business attitude. But here you will also find fiercely liberal communities in the college and resort towns that have been home to hippies and major countercultural figures. There's a wide range of outlooks and attitudes here in a state that lives up to its nickname — "Colorful Colorado".



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