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Nørrebro is an inner district of Copenhagen and perhaps the most multicultural part of the city. A prime cross-section of contemporary Danish society is on offer here, ranging from boutique shopping to grand middle-class areas through to areas (re-)vitalised by immigration.
The many Middle Eastern immigrants in the area around Nørrebrogade, the district's main road artery, have led to the area being called Little Arabia. Unfortunately, this epithet is more racist than celebratory - regardless of this, the area makes for a lively excursion. There are many clothing, jewelry and grocery stores carrying Arabian signs and products - not to forget the multitude of cheap shawarma places offering a cheap bite of Middle Eastern cuisine. The Muslim attitude to alcohol aside, the multiculturalism is very visible, in that the nightlife here is very vibrant - especially the southern part of the district near the Lakes, around Sankt Hans Torv.
The northwestern part of the district across the S-train tracks, sometimes known as Bispebjerg, but more often simply referred to as Nord-Vest (North West), is one of - probably even the - last bastion of working class Copenhageners. Don't expect much in the way of sights, fancy cafes, stores or anything like that, but if nothing else, it offers a peak into some of the not-so-rich and not-so-equal lives of those living in one of the richest and most equal societies in the world. Two of the cheapest accommodation options of Copenhagen are located here

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