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Dovrefjell is a mountain area in Central Norway that forms a natural barrier between East Norway and Middle Norway - "det Nordenfjeldske" (Norway "north of the mountains", i.e. Dovrefjell). It was long believed to be Norway's highest mountains and remains as national symbol of sturdiness and durability. Most of the areas on the either side of road E6/Dovre railway line from Oppdal to Dombås is protected as a national parks.
The area has been heavily trafficked during and probably preceding historical times. Due to often hash weather and road conditions, it has also been a barrier and a risk to the traveler. But nowadays, E6 and the Dovre railway is almost never closed due to extreme weather (less frequent than once a year).
There are marked routes (summer) and (mostly unstaffed) cabins for hikers, but long trips, tough terrain and often hash weather makes this an area for the experienced hiker. But staying in the valleys aound the mountain, there are lot of nice and not-demanding day-trips with beautiful sceneries, an unique plant life, knowledge about local culture and a change to get a glimpse of parts of the animal life: maybe a golden eagle soaring overhead, a muskox (keep your distance!), or if really lucky a reindeer in the distance.


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