Gaspé Peninsula

Sourced from Wikivoyage. Text is available under the CC-by-SA 3.0 license.
The Gaspé Peninsula (La Gaspésie), in southeastern Quebec, Canada, is sandwiched between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the adjacent St. Lawrence estuary on the north, and Chaleur Bay (la Baie des Chaleurs) to the south.
The Gaspé is a sparsely populated region, but it boasts among the most beautiful scenery Quebec has to offer: tiny fishing villages and lighthouses cling for dear life to the shoreline as the majestic Chic-Choc Mountains plunge precipitously into the sea below. Inland, tree-covered mountains and salmon-filled rivers are even more remote.
The Gaspé is a popular warm-weather destination, with the peak season in July and August (book your accommodations early!), but the summer traffic has done nothing to diminish the warm and welcoming nature of the locals, nor the authentic slices of Québécois and Acadian culture to be found here. Winter presents a whole different side of the Gaspé, with skiers and snowshoers taking to the Chic-Chocs and snowmobilers riding the trails.



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