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Pristina (Albanian: Prishtinë, Serbian: Priština), the capital city of Kosovo, is not conventionally beautiful on sight: It is messy, with centuries-old Ottoman heritage competing with communist designs and recently built architectural monstrosities. However there is a powerful draw to this city, offering much to passing travelers.
As the youngest capital city in Europe, Pristina holds the physical remnants of the periods of old and new. After a rapid modernization campaign in the mid-20th century, much of the historic centre was destroyed and, as a result, only a small portion remains. However amongst what's left are many hidden gems to be found, and the areas that were lost have been replaced by modern structures and monuments that speak more to Kosovo's fascinating recent history than to any other period of time. Whilst the concrete jungle of Pristina's centre can be quite overwhelming, there are plenty of opportunities to get out into the nature of the city's parks and its beautiful rolling outskirts, as well as an abundance of easy day trip possibilities all around the region. Along the main boulevard, Rr Nëne Terezë/Mother Teresa, you can feel a palpable energy from the wide mix of amiable, welcoming locals and international residents enjoying the bustling street life and vibrant coffee culture that exists during the day.
Come the evening, restaurants, bars and nightclubs across the city fill with a variety of customers and music, offering many options; from a quiet local beer with friends to a heavy night of dancing that can last well into the next day. Pristina is a city that loves to almost constantly host events and festivals, so chances are high that you'll walk into a unique cultural experience that you hadn't anticipated.
Above all else, perhaps the greatest appeal of Pristina is the opportunity to witness the site of such recent political turmoil transforming, under the watchful eye of the international community, into quite the cosmopolitan capital.


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