Sangre de Cristo Mountains

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David Herrera
The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are a significant mountain range in New Mexico, United States that contains most of the state's highest peaks. The range extends from near Santa Fe in the south past Taos to the Colorado state line, and beyond into South Central Colorado, where it is known as the Sangre de Cristo Range. This guide covers features of the Sangre de Cristos in New Mexico that are of interest but are too dispersed to be covered in the guides for individual towns in the region. Two national forests, the Santa Fe National Forest and the Carson National Forest, mostly cover the southern and northern halves of the Sangre de Cristos, respectively.
Santa Fe, Taos, and Española in North Central New Mexico, as well as Las Vegas in Northeast New Mexico, while not in the mountain range itself, are key starting points into the mountains, and most services in the area can be found in these communities.
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