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Södermalm (or just Söder) is the southern borough of central Stockholm, consisting of the island of Södermalm proper, two smaller islands connected to it from the west (Långholmen and Reimersholme ), as well as the neighbourhood of Hammarby Sjöstad on the opposite bank of the Hammarby Sjö in the east, which is a redeveloped former industrial area that was transformed into a model sustainable residential community.
Apart from the administrative borough of Södermalm, this guide also covers other areas surrounding Södermalm on the continental southern sea and lakeshore, which are easy to access from and visit together with Södermalm proper. This includes (from West to East) the residential borough of Liljeholmen with the Trekanten lake and its recreational opportunities, the green Årsta neighbourhood, Johanneshov famous for the Globen arena complex, as well as the urban part of Nacka (namely Sickla and Henriksdal), which is a municipality immediately east of Stockholm pretty much integrated with the city proper in terms of infrastructure.
Stockholm's southern suburbs are called Söderort.

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