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Vršac (in Serbian Вршац, in Romanian Vârșeț, in Hungarian Versec or Versecz, in German Werschetz) is a town in Serbia 84 km from Belgrade and 75 km from Timișoara in Romania, in the eastern part of Vojvodina, close to the border with Romania, and has around 35,000 residents. The town is known for vineyards and premium quality wines in the larger municipality area. The wine cellars in villages around Vršac have become symbols of the Vrsac Wine Route which is held every year during the town's celebratory Grape Ball (Grođžebal).
Along with its wine offerings, Vršac is also known for the tallest mountains in the region, that provide a stark contrast to Vojvodina plains. They have a rich ecosystem, and are very specific in nature because they are island mountains which were once a part of the Pannonian Sea.
The town has a rich history of multiethnicity that spans over 200 years, and it can be seen best in today's various cultural communities and religious landmarks.

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