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Villy Fink Isaksen

Amager (pronounced Ama'r) is a district and island east and southeast of central Copenhagen, covering some 96 km² (37 mi²), and mostly notable as the home of Copenhagen Airport and the charming old fishing hamlet of Dragør. It was built as a waste depot for the evolving city of Copenhagen, was and long considered the backwaters of the city. This old working class district is now undergoing rapid development, contributing to some wonderful contrasts; from the huge uncultivated wetlands of Kalvebod Fælled, the ultra modern Ørestad development area, the laid-back and impossibly picturesque Dragør fishing hamlet to the fiercely local patriotic public housing blocks on the northern part of the island.
The Amager district includes the Danish islands in Øresund. Saltholm is 7-km across, with a handful of human inhabitants, together with livestock and wild birds, so flat that it gets flooded during storms. Flakfortet and Middelgrundsfortet are artificial fortress islands. Peberholm is an artificial island built for the Øresund Bridge, which is off limits for regular visitors.


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