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Nordkalottleden (Swedish), Nordkalottruta (Norwegian), Kalottireitti (Finnish) or the Arctic trail is a long-distance hiking trail in Finnish Lapland (70 km), Northern Norway (380 km) and Swedish Norrland (350 km), crossing borders many times. It features varying Arctic fell landscapes, including high fells, fell heaths, lakes and fell birch forests. Much of the trail is above the treeline, on two legs for several days.
Most of the trail is through wilderness, often with roads or dwellings not seen for days. The only town close to the trail is the small Kautokeino at the northern trailhead. In season you will meet people, but not every day, and even on the most busy stretches not all the time. Much of the trail, perhaps half of it, is through national parks and other protected areas. The area is used as reindeer pasture and for fishing, berry picking and similar, so there are locals, but population is very sparse.



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